without nerves

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In Rome I was able to play without nerves, without the anxiety that I had in the first two tournaments.
The recalled centre-back scored both goals in a 2-2 draw at the Britannia Stadium last season and says Wolves head to the Potteries tonight without nerves.
We played without nerves, which is down to our experience.
If we can play without nerves on Wednesday and stay calm I'm convinced Celtic can't win in our stadium.
If it seems as if I was without nerves I can tell you I have nerves and they were quite tense.
I think if you can go into a game as big as Rangers versus Celtic without nerves then that's where problems start.
Flying can be stressful enough without nerves being jangled by the inanity of your fellow passengers' phone conversations, the constant pinging of a teenage text fiend or the sight of your office number glowing on your handset.
We're playing without nerves, which is not easy at home as we found last season," said a delighted Hodgson.
Wewere playing a quality side but played without nerves and didn't freeze,'' he said.
Then again, it was understandable how even Eriksson had been swept along on the tide of excitement now surrounding his bustling forward, who plays without nerves or fear.
The bustling forward is playing without nerves or fear, and it is his all-round game which is at the root of the optimism which will surround Thursday's clash.
I thought a lot of his team-mates played without much confidence but he looked to me like a youngster without nerves.