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Some of the drivers were found driving cars without number plates around Al Aweer, Al Hibab, Al Qudra, Shaikh Mohammed bin Zayed Road and Emirates Road.
He was issued fines for driving recklessly, driving a vehicle without number plates, driving in a way that is dangerous to the public, modifying the vehicle's engine without permission, driving an unsafe vehicle, and running away from a traffic policeman.
The biggest problem facing the forestry teams is that violators use vehicles without number plates, which makes it hard to recognise and pursue them," but vowed to take "stringent measures and impose the stiffest possible penalty to deter them.
Today the Teessiders line-up without number one Richard Lawson, who is committed to racing for Elite League side Lakeside Hammers.
The Bandits of course were heavily beaten at Armadale recently in the KO Cup, but were without number one Claus Vissing and powerful reserve Matej Kus on that occasion.
They were without number one Ben Barker and reserve Paul Starke, who were both required by their Premier League clubs, for the trip to Essex and King believes the absence of Barker, in particular, had an effect on the team.
Fueled by a quixotic quest for uniform equality upon a battlefield beset with hypersensitivity where this can never be, competing interests without number are the windmills in a war in which two will rise for every foe defeated.
The attack took place on the desert road between Cairo and Ismailiya when the assailants in a car without number plates opened fire on the military vehicle, said the official.
He became suspicious when the two pieces of equipment, which were described as unfit for work, were seen parked in the Al Faya area of Abu dhabi, without number plates.
Al Harthi pointed out that the air patrols will also be on the lookout to report any vehicles without number plates or vehicles with fake number plates to traffic patrols.
Jour says he ordered traffic officers on Wednesday to detain cars or motorbikes without number plates and valid insurance.