without qualification

References in classic literature ?
And I can say flatly, without qualification or doubt of any sort, that the socialists, in Congress and out, had no hand in the affair.
Why this should be so we could not at the time understand, for when Eben Hale's will was probated, the world learned that he was sole heir to his employer's many millions, and it was expressly stipulated that this great inheritance was given to him without qualification, hitch, or hindrance in the exercise thereof.
In order to show the level of susceptibility to deception and fraud the Bulgarian Animus Foundation has conducted a social experiment by publishing an offer for workers without qualification needed to collect aagreen caviaraa in Denmark for 130 euros per day.
Under the measure, the surviving children of the deceased or permanently incapacitated members of the security agencies would automatically and without qualification be given full scholarship from elementary to college in a nonexclusive institution.
GFH external auditor's (KPMG) report on the 2011 financial statements is clear and was issued without qualification.
According to the International Tennis Federation, Palkina will play in 1/32 competitions without qualification meetings.
He believes in the organization without qualification, but this does not mean that he agrees with all the movements within it.
For the first time the court gave a positive statement of assurance, without qualification, on the reliability of the accounts--in effect, confirming that they provide a true and fair view.
3 : something that is added to a statement to limit or change its meaning <I agree without qualification.
Having used them for every chore from cleaning the locking recesses of revolver cylinders to de-carbonizing the ports of a shotgun barrel to removing dried grease and oil from military surplus arms, I recommend G-Tips without qualification.
To be celebrated on its own, and without qualification.