without recompense

See: gratis
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On top of that, the Commission of Audit is recommending capping the former Federal funding guarantee at 45 per cent of efficient growth if this happens without recompense we could expect to be at least $60 million worse off.
Carla and Rob are still feuding, and the fight is ramped up when he refuses to sign over his 30 per cent of the business without recompense, demanding the PS50,000 it's worth.
Ironically, it is hard-line Hindu males who oppose the law, some of whom practice polygamy in Bangladesh and often abandon their first wives without recompense.
It says bluntly that the suspect banknote is 'impounded without recompense.
I'M sure everyone would like free travel now and again - but Nexus is not able to offer free travel on Metro and ferry services during the Great North Run as your correspondent Lisa Dickson (Voice of the North, September 25) suggests, and neither should bus companies that provide invaluable "special" shuttle buses be expected to do so without recompense.
Under municipal ordinance, illegal vendors can be cited and their merchandise confiscated without recompense.
We trust the good Maker has opened your eyes to the wrongs which you and your fathers have done to me and my fathers, in making us toil for you for generations without recompense.
The constraints that have been place upon the in - dustry by the Government and consumers cannot be met without recompense.
What's the point of scouting, training and coaching kids if they can walk out without recompense or compensation?
Only the cross enables us to see suffering in its proper perspective; only Christ gives us the gift of genuine compassion, and the sustaining grace to pour out our lives, without recompense, in the pursuit of justice.
My husband played club cricket for over 30 years and like many at his level, once his playing career was drawing to an end, began to "put back" something into the game by spending his leisure time, without recompense, in coaching youngsters in order that they could learn or improve their skills at the game (and we have friends who have played other sports doing the same thing).