without significance

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I pictured their lives, troubled by no untoward adventure, honest, decent, and, by reason of those two upstanding, pleasant children, so obviously destined to carry on the normal traditions of their race and station, not without significance.
The wonders of the deep were without significance to him.
A comparison between the two manifestos is not without significance as Rahul is now virtually calling the shots in the Congress while Sonia provides an overarching endorsement to his leadership.
To be sure, Rohani was criticized by the Revolutionary Guard, while the Iranian president, upon his return from New York, was received with a shoe that cannot be without significance in a country like Iran.
Although used as an opportunity for organizers to make their preparations and for many of the eight teams present to gain some potentially useful experience, the action on the field will not be without significance.
Speed feed and super dan had the least of DM yields without significance difference together (Table 3) and Fig 1.
It is not without significance that Australia, which also had to deal with the banking crisis, did so with relative comfort because its Labour government had not gone on a borrowing and spending spree.
The selection of Al-Shatea Mall was not without significance.
He would eventually sign in Riyadh on November 23rd, but Friday ended without significance.
So it's not without significance that we pick this side with just a few weeks to go to the visit of England to the Millennium Stadium.
But the story was not completely without significance.
But I believe significance comes when you add value to others--and you can't have true success without significance.