without value

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This so frequent abortion of man's dearest projects must be taken as a proof that the deeds of earth, however etherealized by piety or genius, are without value, except as exercises and manifestations of the spirit.
He turned to the drama and during the next dozen years produced many careless and ephemeral farces, burlesques, and light plays, which, however, were not without value as preparation for his novels.
Despite aggressive citizen efforts, which should have raised Rec & Parks' awareness regarding environmental concerns, the department continues to treat this beautiful nature area as if it were just a large vacant lot, useless and without value until the city can build something on it.
Such services range from reports without value conclusions to asset performance monitoring to providing going concern, business and equipment and even personal property valuations.
Or a fine skinning knife is almost without value until it has put the period at the end of an elk-hunting story.
Danto contextualizes in his intro: "The symbolic equivalence the story establishes between seeing a woman's exposed body and seeing a work of art is an effort on the part of a Romantic writer to find something as valuable as art itself-something that money cannot buy, for a woman's nakedness is without value if it is bought.
Although it is not without value, especially for the clinical pharmacology summaries, we will have to continue to wait for a focused, definitive work in the area of toxicity and interactions of herbal products.
Maria de Cazalla appeared before an inquisitorial tribunal in 1532, accused of alumbradismo, the view shared by the Erasmians that the rites of the church are without value as external performance.
This decision should not be construed as a judgment that the reduction of air pollution from automobiles is without value.
I do not mean to imply that these topics are without value when I say that they were unheard of 15 years ago and will be history 15 years hence.
Nor is it clear that a moderate Afrocentric appreciation is without value.
In a cost-conscious environment with scarce resources, duplication adds cost without value.