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Santiago said these centers to be built should be able to withstand earthquakes and strong winds and rains of tropical cyclones (tropical depressions, storms or typhoons) which usually enter the country's eastern seaboard from the Pacific Ocean.
According to Fitch Ratings, Canadian banks can withstand a housing downturn.
The wind code that is now in use by the municipality states that structures should withstand a basic wind speed of 45 metres per second for a three-second gust, which is equivalent to 160km/h.
The tubes can be spun up to 9400 G and will withstand repeated autoclaving at 121 C or long term storage at -80 C.
is an opaque, high-impact PP copolymer that reportedly can withstand drop impact at temperatures down to -40 F.
The EE25 drive can withstand operating temperatures between -30 to 85 degrees C, with the ability to withstand vibration interruptions.
Though architect, Frank Williams, never dreamed the Bellaire condominium he designed on East 72nd Street would ever have to withstand a single engine plane slamming through its core at 122 mph like it did October 11, he had designed the building to hold up under pressure.
This rubber products manufacturer has developed a high-performance sealing compound that is specifically formulated from fluoroelastomer resins to withstand the heat and corrosive effects of high temperature steam applications.
These requirements were intended to provide a more accurate means for determining if the tie-downs securing the cargo would withstand the potential deceleration and acceleration forces.
The harsh environments of a metalcasting facility, however, calls for part marking that must withstand the rigors of production.
Lock Inspection Systems has developed the X-treme metal detector liner, which can withstand intensive washdown environments like those in meat and poultry.