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Even by fairytale lore, this witless Beauty And The Beast update lays it on extra thick.
A witless biddy" Writer Frederick Forsyth's description of Education Secretary Nicky Morgan.
Hot shot cop Nicholas Angel (Simon Pegg) is transferred to a sleepy village and along with his witless but enthusiastic partner, he discovers, to his alarm, that the town's high accident rate has a sinister reason behind it.
Mr Hicks said: "I knew as soon as I saw her face the poor girl was scared witless.
In this depressing and often ear-splitting documentary it's as though there's a competition to see who can be the most dedicatedly witless One Direction devotee.
So he is scared witless by sinister and strange events that occur when he and his baby are stranded in a spooky housing block.
Downton Abbey - sorry, but I was bored witless by it.
Bulgaria's Ministry of Transport, IT, and Communications launched Tuesday free witless internet in the park in front of the National Ivan Vazov Theater in downtown Sofia.
But unlike Goodman, I was not interested in witless tittle-tattle about the royal family", Leigh added.
Cameron's gang of witless Thatcherite adolescents is quite prepared to allow bankers to give themselves billions of pounds of our money, while ensuring that decent people are hammered.
Many old and vulnerable people are scared witless by these knocks on the door and with the load bangs of endless fireworks going off, it really is a nightmare time for them.
These incidents are witless, and far from telegenic.