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The book explores "the broader developmental relationship between comic form, the kinds of wit and witlessness that sits at its heart, and setting.
Jordan observed, the assertion of African irrationality and witlessness was made by way of direct or implied appeals to a pseudoscientific "Chain of Being" in which Africans were represented as being less than human, that is, one step up from apes in a supposed ascent toward the white man.
Odysseus is the paragon of intelligence and perseverance through years of suffering, unlike most of his contemporaries who "are always blaming the gods / for their troubles, when their own witlessness (atasthalia: recklessness, a total disregard for order and propriety) / causes them more than they were destined for
Her general witlessness is accentuated by her staccato speech on screen, which sounds as if she has learned her script phonetically, one word at a time.
Part of the reason was the Rodney Parade side's own witlessness.
With no coda to explain Edinburg's apparent misuse of "drowndin'," the reader might assume that the story demonstrates the black narrator's witlessness and inability to use language.
Spud's gentle witlessness contrasts with Begbie's violent, deflationary mode of relating stories, and ultimately provides a continuum for masculine silence that enables us to distinguish Renton's intellectual dismissive stance towards chatter from Begbie's brutish one.
ONE OF THOSE experiences that makes you ask how God could allow such a thing to happen, ``Bruce Almighty'' is a lame supernatural comedy that loses Jim Carrey in a wilderness of witlessness.
16) What might be the earliest record of a case brought before the king was described as "an idiot who [in 1212] is in the prison because in his witlessness he confessed that he is a thief, although in fact he is not to blame.
20), a double allusion to the wit of those who speak well and the witlessness of "gabblers.