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it is part of my wiliness and part of my suspicion to object to Madame Fosco being a witness to Lady Glyde's signature, when I am also a witness myself.
And of the two that testified, one claimed to have been in the kitchen, a witness to Watson's unprovoked assault on Patsy, while the other, remaining in the bar, had witnessed Watson's second and third rushes into the place as he attempted to annihilate the unoffending Patsy.
46) The ideal, as noted above, was for the witness to give his own account without any prompting.
ATTORNEYS WILL ASK AN EXPERT WITNESS to disclose any information of a personal nature that could diminish their effectiveness.
59) In this scenario, the state or local agency must surrender its supervision of the witness to federal authorities and, according to the USAM, is requested to reimburse the federal government.
Believe it or not, there are even "expert witness brokers," much like employment agencies, who, for a percentage of fees, will represent and market the availability of an expert witness to lawyers nationwide.
The judge wrote "In my view, before a Court may permit a witness to testify under a pseudonym because of that witness's fear for his or her safety, it is necessary for the Court to be satisfied that the witness's fear has a legitimate basis.
Deputy District Attorney Lonnie Felker dismissed the charges earlier Tuesday, citing a misidentification by a 15-year-old witness to the kitten attack.
Since it was no secret what Starr thought Clinton did, it was not difficult for a witness to figure out what to say to obtain immunity or avoid a perjury indictment.
An interviewer begins this procedure by building rapport and encouraging the witness to take an active role in recalling information rather than responding only to someone else's questions.
Fireman explained, "The Reebok Foundation has made a commitment to the creation of Witness to strengthen the international human rights movement.