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His rather fantastic epics, composed with great facility and much real spirit, are almost forgotten; he is remembered chiefly by three or four short poems--'The Battle of Blenheim,' 'My days among the dead are past,' 'The Old Man's Comforts' (You are old, Father William,' wittily parodied by 'Lewis Carroll' in 'Alice in Wonderland')--and by his excellent short prose 'Life of Nelson.
And as for our legal tradition, as you so wittily called it, I thoroughly agree with you.
You are certainly quite right about it," Porfiry began gaily, looking with extraordinary simplicity at Raskolnikov (which startled him and instantly put him on his guard); "certainly quite right in laughing so wittily at our legal forms, he-he
But young people carried away by their own wit don't think of that 'when they overstep all obstacles,' as you wittily and cleverly expressed it yesterday.
Angus Black, president of the dramatic society, said: "Our dramatic society, said: "Our graphic designer has captured graphic designer has captured wittily and concisely the wittily and concisely the essence of the play in their essence of the play in their artwork.
Brightly shot, wittily edited, it's punchier than any of Will's many other sports comedies: a big 6.
Many of these works probe the gravity of representation, construed not only as the weight of history or the ethical charge of the image but also, as the titular rendering wittily implies, as the pictures carried by newspapers, film, and the media that this presentation highlights as the source of Dumas's "secondhand images.
She wittily quipped "May the fourth be with you" to E
THE late writer and raconteur Keith Waterhouse was once so incensed by the misuse of apostrophes that he formed a club wittily entitled Association for the Abolition of the Aberrant Apostrophe.
But this comedy of crosspurposes is wittily sustained, with the farcical carry-on threatening to give way to a dark streak that gives the play a bitter edge.
One of our favourite members of the family has to be Harry, who wittily let us into some secrets about his brother William's wedding.
The new site incorporates predictive search and an ability to preview search results make it easy for customers to find the firm's wittily named products, how-to videos and customer product reviews.