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Yet the overall tenor of the text leads one to suspect that Dogen would not wholeheartedly embrace these or other charming aesthetic virtues such as wittiness and vivaciousness.
The wittiness of Rear Window, the romance of Vertigo, and the terror and darkness of Psycho.
Nevertheless, the pieces are fun and playful, and betray an adult wittiness that belies their apparent simplicity.
The wittiness of 'Rear Window' and the romance of 'Vertigo' and the terror and darkness of 'Psycho'.
The way his lines are delivered and timed all added to his character's wittiness and provided light hearted scenes where needed, with the help of one of two characters that portrayed the dim-witted companions, of course.
Nearly a third of men also said they are more likely to get lucky when their nerves are fortified by alcohol, and fully 43 per cent believe that drinking helps them reach a peak of wittiness.
I remember a situation in which he showed adroitness, good manners, intelligence and wittiness.
What's potentially an uncomfortable culture clash is averted by the warmth and wittiness of the writing and some great performances all round.
In this brand-new talk-show, there are three keywords which are humor, wittiness and hotspot.
Right in the middle of it, one of us had to get up to go use the bathroom, and then we all had to go," she says to the fascinated TGS writers, who chuckle at her supposed wittiness while Liz fumes.
Using wittiness to their advantage, the GCP has promoted their candidate with slogans, such as:
In the classroom, directly delivered wittiness converted into the mantra, "no ashtrays, no souvenirs" and later the connections with live-in apprentices who ran the studio at home in her later years.