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We find that every time we unscrew a broadhead and re-tighten it, we get a different wobble.
Paul is on the |look out for a 'delicate little wobble ' The bakers get stuck in, before long taking their usual positions - crouched down on the floor staring at the oven.
After carefully examining Mimas, we found it librates -- that is, it subtly wobbles -- around the moon's polar axis," said Radwan Tajeddine, Cornell University research associate in astronomy and lead author of the article.
The planet, designated Kepler-413b, precesses, or wobbles, wildly on its spin axis.
The new durable top-loading appliance with Wobble technology transforms the laundry experience by preserving clothing quality while cleaning effectively, said a senior official.
Ceiling fan blades and blade holders are usually sold in sets of three, four, or five, but if you were to only replace one blade the difference in weight could cause the fan to wobble or vibrate.
After a long search, they found some stars that wobble and declared that they had found new planets.
By the time that was done, he thought the problem was solved, but as I said, it recently began to wobble again and he could not get the crown off to tighten it, so he drilled a narrow hole through the crown just so that he could get the screwdriver in it.
TONING TREATMENTS Try these products for a quick wobble fix .
An HD version of the Wobble, a photo wobbling application that is popular in the iPod and iPhone, is now available for sale to users of the iPad tablet and smartphones running on Google's Android operating system.
Silicon Spark Releases Wobble for iPad & Android
Davis' motorcycle model was known to weave or wobble while running at "normal highway speeds," the estate said in the lawsuit.