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Eaten up with nerves, his voice was wobblier than Dawn French in a string vest but he was a cute kid, so they let him try again.
The pear-shaped playthings will also be bigger, brighter and wobblier than ever before.
It makes even the stubbiest nails look chic and it's so light it still looks good if your painting hand's wobblier than a trifle with cellulite.
IF the cost of a ski holiday this winter makes you feel wobblier than a beginner who has accidentally strayed on to a black run that's covered in buttered ball bearings.
Walford's storylines have been wobblier than the Slaters' banisters all year.
30pm THE legs might be a bit wobblier, the bellies bigger, the hair grey or gone, but these guys can still kick a ball.
Anyway, I'd like to keep the bridge just as it is - in fact, the wobblier the better as it would provide an excellent means of generating the Lottery numbers on a windy Saturday night.
OF ALL the penalty spots on all the football pitches in all the world, Becks had to pick one that was wobblier than Jordan carrying a bowl of jelly.
Motherwell currently have a wobblier defence than Michael Jackson
First he tried a five-man midfield, and then even a six-man, but although this worked up to a point, the resulting three-man defence looked wobblier than ever when a class team did pick their way through the barricades.
Chopping the roof off a car to turn it into a cabriolet nearly always means it loses some of its structural rigidity, which can make things a bit wobblier.
Actually, before I swapped them for sturdier items of furniture, I wonder if the wobbly seat and the even wobblier wooden table was aimed at letting diners experience the sensation of enjoying lunch on the ocean waves?