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Unwin lays thin, watery images on top of one another, a technique that results in a strange ghosting in her paintings, and a wobbliness that places her figures in a kind of jet-lagged middle distance.
As a result of this empirical wobbliness, the Ninth Circuit has demonstrated substantial incoherence in applying nominative fair use, at times apparently putting the burden on defendants to show absence of confusion--surely a perverse result given the doctrine's expression-protecting origins.
4 The logical wobbliness of empirical concepts as argued from Kant to Derrida needs revisiting.
Otherwise, the wobbliness of its currency and government debt will push its government bonds into higher and higher interest rates, to cover the problems of potential default and inflation.
Maybe what with the stock market crash, increased longevity and Social Security wobbliness, we might be able to defer planning for that one for a little bit.
The wobbliness is due to the disorganized association of the gelatin polypeptides into a network that has water trapped in between.
But perhaps what they take to be wobbliness about war with Iran is actually an argument for restraint articulated in a way Bill O'Reilly's viewers can understand.
Hostility is consist of some symptoms like nervousness and wobbliness, blaming others for current predicaments, getting angry, short temper, distrust, beating someone (B.
When the war in Georgia highlighted NATO's wobbliness on Russia, Poland accelerated its push for a bilateral security relationship with America, including the stationing of Patriot anti-missile rockets on Polish soil in return for hosting a missile-defense base.