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But perhaps what they take to be wobbliness about war with Iran is actually an argument for restraint articulated in a way Bill O'Reilly's viewers can understand.
When the war in Georgia highlighted NATO's wobbliness on Russia, Poland accelerated its push for a bilateral security relationship with America, including the stationing of Patriot anti-missile rockets on Polish soil in return for hosting a missile-defense base.
That's tough to do," the New York Post quoted a source close to the singer as explaining her wobbliness.
This is not a light car, with all the extra stiffening needed to compensate for the inevitable wobbliness that comes with making a convertible out of a hatchback.
Then, quel horreur, there was a bit of pushing and shoving between one of the gathered members of Her Majesty's Press and the member of Her Majesty's family as one attempted to capture said wobbliness on film for the nation's delight the next day.
There was the shocking wobbliness of the usually steady Spurs.