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Get out those wobbly bits and be a "body embracer".
Ball said: "Hello everyone, so glad to be back here at Radio 2, if a little wobbly of knee, so bear with me today, as most of you will know, I've been away for the past four weeks.
NASA data: The climate is warming, but the warmth is concentrated in the Arctic and not evenly distributed around the globe, making the jet stream wobbly
Both spans were fondly known to the site's 50,000 annual visitors as the wobbly or bouncy bridge.
Barry Clark and Janet Cowley of Wobbly Dog Productions, with their Late Loves concert
Since getting her first wobbly tooth this week, my five-and-a-half-year-old daughter Jesse seems to have turned into a monster.
IT'LL BE ALRIGHT ON THE NIGHT (ITV1 9pm) GIGGLING corpses, animals munching sound booms, actors walking into wobbly sets it's the return of the show that brings us all the silly capers that occur when TV shows go slightly awry.
A first wobbly tooth gets Grandpa all excited and suggesting worrying plans of action: at the fair, the tug of war team will pull it out, or a woodpecker could knock it out, or an elephant could suck it out.
Use this on legs, arms, bums and tums and its blend of hard-working antioxidants improve skin tone and texture while firming wobbly bits.
I'm really self-conscious about them, especially as they feel wobbly when I'm talking and eating.
Some brands are better than others, but cheaper versions can get wobbly or fall apart the first time you move them.
A WOBBLY WALLABY I once saw a wallaby wobbling As he travelled along a road, And there beside the wobbly wallaby I saw an even wobblier toad.