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That is, until the rest of the Peanuts gang decides to pitch in and decorate the woebegone tree.
THIS STATEMENT BY SOUREN MELIKIAN IN HIS ARTICLE "CENTURY-OLD VANDALISM of Islamic Art, and Its Price" in The New York Times, April 16-17, 2011, describes the woebegone state of thousands of precious painted manuscripts commissioned by emperors and kings of a bygone era.
His woebegone demeanor was telling as was Mourinho's petulant post-match remarks.
Suddenly, just as hope fades thin, they turn up with a woebegone face.
His last album, his eleventh, is called Nothin' But Blood (Bloodshot Records 2014)and has tracks such as Alcohol Blues, Never Comin' Home, I'm Troubled, Around e Bend and When I Die, all of which would lead the casual observer to conclude that this here is a veteran road-warrior reminiscent of the old bluesman's woebegone struggle for survival.
Western media at the time painted the intervention as a classic blunderin a woebegone, faraway land.
10PM Welcome back to that awful, fearful place - the future, where Denzel Washington and Mila Kunis walk a woebegone path which is trudged rather more purposefully by Viggo Mortensen in The Road.
But aren't these eminences themselves largely responsibly for this tragic predicament of these woebegone Palestinians, whose suffering is no lesser woeful for originally being thrown out of the land that their forefathers had ploughed and worked on for ages and where now sits Israel and from where its political gangsters and trained military death squads act together to slay the Gazans, their children and their women like flies being swatted with a crushing juggernaut.
TWO little girls, within sight of parents and a camera crew researching whether passers-by would be alerted by their lonely and woebegone looks, were ignored by 681 adults at London's Victoria Station.
He looked so woebegone I went in the house with him in my arms and told my wife, "There is no power on earth strong enough to separate me from this puppy.
In a town chock-full of front-running Yankee fans, he has held firm in his staunch support for those woebegone Cubbies, who haven't won the World Series since 1908 and whose last National League pennant-raising occurred in 1945.
To help himself move on and reunite with Wilhelm, Jacob watches over the young Jeremy Johnson Johnson, a woebegone boy who has been hearing Jacob's voice since he was a small child.