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And also insights on what has become of us in this woebegone country.
LOS ANGELES Matt Ryan and the Atlanta Falcons visited the Coliseum late last season on their path to the Super Bowl, and they easily racked up a blowout victory over the woebegone Los Angeles Rams.
The match was Arsenal's final of a woebegone season: One that has seen them finish fifth in the league table, missing out on the Champions League after 20 years of playing in the European top flight.
The enchanting part to the plot goes, of course, to the prince and his lucky love interest, the woebegone Cinderella.
Dark figures landing in his place, Their wings outstretched, as if to dry, Though this seemed threatening just the same, He didn't leave at once so he would not lose face, But sought the bank and here, His posture woebegone, He stayed a while rather than up and fly, But now he's gone.
In Clover's Luck, Clover feels woebegone and chronically unlucky facing summer without her best friend, Emma, and her newly escaped parakeet.
She is just one of a disturbing number of frightened child brides emerging within the woebegone world of Syrian refugee camps.
But the friction can weave a spell, as on the woebegone Cliff.
That is, until the rest of the Peanuts gang decides to pitch in and decorate the woebegone tree.
Curated by Ekaterina Andreeva and Khlobystin, the exhibition-as-primer dedicated most of the main gallery to Novikov's own work, a series of smart tapestries like Apollo Trampling on the Black Square, 1990, green and gold brocade with a clipped image of Apollo Belvedere, perched atop the woebegone mascot of the Russian avant-garde; or Salome, 1992-93, sumptuous burgundy satin bearing a collage of what at the time was erroneously believed to be a photograph of Oscar Wilde in drag, with a portrait of Lord Alfred Bruce Douglas, the writer's lover.
Suddenly, just as hope fades thin, they turn up with a woebegone face.
His last album, his eleventh, is called Nothin' But Blood (Bloodshot Records 2014)and has tracks such as Alcohol Blues, Never Comin' Home, I'm Troubled, Around e Bend and When I Die, all of which would lead the casual observer to conclude that this here is a veteran road-warrior reminiscent of the old bluesman's woebegone struggle for survival.