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Thus adjured, Topsy confessed to the ribbon and gloves, with woful protestations of penitence.
To whom the law-stationer relates his Joful and woful experience, suppressing the half-crown fact.
Rather woful had been some attempts latterly to renew those evenings, when my mother might be brought to the verge of them, as if some familiar echo called her, but where she was she did not clearly know, because the past was roaring in her ears like a great sea.
But I watched the girl, and her pantomime was so illuminating that I knew the sufferer had again cleaned the platter on Tuesday, had attempted a boiled egg on Wednesday (you should have seen Irene chipping it in Pall Mall, and putting in the salt), but was in a woful state of relapse on Thursday.
He was a comical sight, striving to fan into flame the cold ashes of his youth, to resurrect his strength dead and gone through the oozing of the years--making woful faces in place of the ferocious ones he intended, grinding his worn teeth together, beating his meagre chest with feeble fists.
     That uncommon woful wreck:
With her woful eyes, so haggard and wild, so heavy and large, she looked all round the room, and passed the corner where he slept in his chair.
We hear this not only as a tale of sorrow, but as a sorrowing tale, to re-echo Chaucer's echo of the Aeneid in Troilus and Criseyde: "This woful vers, that wepen as I write" (I.
Child was deeply unimpressed with Johnson's ballad, which he called 'a woful ditty'.