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Chris Conway, Josh Foulkes and Kirk Floyd won the day for Lindisfarne.
Mohammed Essa, General Manager of Aviko, sponsors of the award, said: "It wasn't easy to choose a winner from this shortlist of great pubs, but The Almanack won the day, based on their delicious food, superb standards and innovative approach.
Overall, the juniors won the day, while seniors came in second.
Everton had a good shout for a penalty waved away as a foul inside the box on Yakubu was given as a free-kick outside to Moyes' fury but his side won the day as Tim Cahill headed in a late corner.
07 on Betfair to win the match, but the veteran Italian won the day 7-6 7-6.
Those of us who called him a cheat - and I'm delighted UEFA are with us - reckon football won the day.
From rickets to the perceived moral failings of working men, sunshine won the day every day for right-wing nutters.
Dallas had them really looking cold in the water and they came back and won the day.