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Dallas had them really looking cold in the water and they came back and won the day.
Indeed, in a few short hours Don Juan of Austria, commander of the Holy Alliance, had won the day, not only defeating the Turkish fleet but also freeing over 12,000 Christian galley slaves from the Turkish ships.
We campaigned and argued that the school should remain open due to new housing developments' we won the day.
French duo Yves Pages and Benoit Le Thierry d'Ennequin won the day and their design will be constructed early next year.
And Congar's theology of the laity as the vital epicenter of church won the day in other council documents.
Imitative cinema would seem to have decisively won the day (not only in the theater, but, arguably, in the white cube as well).
From the scale to the display panel and everything in between, molded plastics seem to have won the day.
He successfully argues that while Southern Baptists by no means became champions of integregation, nevertheless, the progressive influence won the day and served to move the denomination in the direction of a more friendly position toward desegregation.
Livingston chairman Dominic Keane and County's Roy McGregor argued clubs should not be putting politics in front of progress - and they won the day.