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These testimonies to the popularity of my guardian made a deep impression on me, and I admired and wondered more than ever.
Still she sang gayly on, and the falling drops kept time so musically, that the King in his cold ice-halls wondered at the low, sweet sounds that came stealing up to him.
Only," he wondered, his eyes rising to her, "only, in the name of all the benedictions, how?
One or two of these slabs had fallen, and again I wondered if the gigantic masses of carved stone that lay about me were no larger than those above my head.
In Philip's head was a question he could not ask, because he was aware that his uncle would never give any but a conventional answer: he wondered whether at the very end, now that the machine was painfully wearing itself out, the clergyman still believed in immortality; perhaps at the bottom of his soul, not allowed to shape itself into words in case it became urgent, was the conviction that there was no God and after this life nothing.
He wondered why he felt so great an interest in these people--why he had gone to such pains to save the three men.
All her tormentings of me turned suddenly into sweetnesses, and who could torment like this exquisite fury, wondering in sudden flame why she could give herself to anyone, while I wondered only why she could give herself to me.
Ojo wondered how long one could live in such a condition and if the leaf would gradually sap his strength and even his life, in order to feed itself.
Amid all this, I confess, I wondered, too, in secret, whether we should meet, or catch a glimpse of somebody else; and as we passed his lodgings, I even went so far as to wonder whether he was at the window.
Then Aunt Jamesina wondered why those giddy girls all laughed.