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All that wonderfulness sometimes puts Perry in a line of fire, too.
You're not trying to beat some holiday wonderfulness standard as depicted in the movies or in your own hazy memories.
Keynes reiteration during the 1920s and 1930s of the wonderfulness of social engineering "experiments" finally becomes almost laughable.
How wonderful it is to sit back and wonder at wonderfulness.
In a minute, in a microcosm, we had an instant replay of 21st-century America--while our eyes were blinkered and our ears were exposed to meaningless prattle about the wonderfulness of everything.
THE WONDERFULNESS OF WALLPAPER TRAYS Just think of it: No more small plastic containers tumbling over and soaking the table and floors
The wonderfulness of the Model 1905 sight addressed, I have to say I personally prefer the much simpler peep sight of the Model 1903A3s.
The nonstop riffing, the one-liners, the endless laughs--they will be as hard to replace as the journalistic wonderfulness.
For years, in his Globe column he touted the wonderfulness of Jeanne Shaheen.
The freedom of the elbow, the wonderfulness of the elbow, is precisely because of its limitations.
I sat sobbing my heart out, wallowing in the wonderfulness of the X Factor - television magic on a Saturday night.
And The Washington Monthly is named after a city that is governed by people who truly, truly believe in the wonderfulness of big government.