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The Woo President David Abehsera echoed these sentiments, adding he believes Bosch is poised for tremendous growth over the next five years.
The LUI Che Woo Prize will recognise and honour achievements made by outstanding individuals or organisations.
Woo is an engaging storyteller who writes with humor and humility, opening up to readers about the highs and lows of her childhood, family, and career.
Lau Chun Ming, Chairman and Executive Director of Sam Woo said, "We are glad with the award of the construction contract for the Wong Tai Sin development project.
Woo left home as a young man to learn the textile trade as an apprentice in Shanghai, where he eventually started his own mill.
It also is the first-ever attack at a major sporting event since 9/11--a fact Woo believes will make insurers very wary.
In this tiny restaurant, Woo is serving vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free meals so innovative that he is even entrancing enthu-siastic meat eaters.
Woo joins the existing BTC Board of Trustees, comprising Chair Jim Groves, Vice Chair Jim Cunningham, Mark Asmundson and Debbie Ahl.
Some had travelled from Afghanistan to pay their respects to Dr Woo, who was remembered fondly as both vivacious and driven.
Dr Woo, 36, was among eight foreign aid workers executed by gunmen in an ambush in Kuran Wa Munjan district of Badakhshan province.
THE family of Dr Karen Woo, who was killed by the Taliban in Afghanistan, refuted claims that she was preaching Christianity to Muslims and called her a "true hero".
Dr Karen Woo, 36, was among ten people robbed, then lined up and callously shot by the Taliban.