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A document that is filed or introduced in evidence in a lawsuit, as in the phrases papers in the case and papers on appeal.

Any written or printed statement, including letters, memoranda, legal or business documents, and books of account, in the context of the Fourth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, which protects the people from unreasonable searches and seizures with respect to their "papers" as well as their persons and houses.

In the context of accommodation paper and Commercial Paper, a written or printed evidence of debt.

See: blank, certificate, document, form, instrument, pandect
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Wood pulp is the most sustainable raw material used in wipes, and cotton in both airlaid and spunlace nonwovens is still moderately popular with consumers.
The original rayons used cotton waste fibers, but the industry found they just weren't able to compete economically with wood pulp," he says.
Most filters are made from wood pulp, but feather fiber has an advantage -- it is finer than wood pulp.
As well, Alvar Aalto's 1956 church of Vuoksenniska, hard by the Russian border, lies at the eastern end of Punkaharju in the virtual shadow of a wood pulp mill, indicative of the often necessary connection in Finland between architectural accomplishment, the forest and the attendant forest industry.
and while papermaking is not a primary cause of deforestation, the rapidly rising demand for wood pulp for paper mills puts increasing pressure on those forests that remain.
The Archangel prototype clinic will be financed through the sale of wood pulp and paper.
DIOXIN - a toxic compound linked to cancer in animals and humans, created in the process of bleaching wood pulp.
That's when consumers learned--from newspaper articles, not ads or labels--that the bread's fiber--listed as "cellulose" on the label--came from wood pulp.
Market value and volume for pulp by type ((Mechanical wood pulp, Chemical wood pulp, Semi-chemical wood pulp and Other pulp)
For the quarter, all regions increased their profitability through stronger seasonal demand and improved markets for graphic paper and dissolving wood pulp.
com adds new wood pulp market research report that provides 2015-2020 forecasts for the global and Chinese markets covering information on raw materials as well as overall market dynamics.
Viscose staple fiber producer Sateri unveiled its Pulp Sourcing Policy, which outlines its commitment towards achieving a global supply chain of sustainable wood pulp.