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He was so flustered that he just stood there frozen in shock, as woodenly as a puppet, clutching a bouquet of flowers.
5) Too often government lawyers woodenly defend regulations either as not hurting an owner too much or as not quite fitting within a doctrinal category.
Zeligs does however woodenly consider Hiss's father's death as "the nuclear trauma of his life.
The Declaration itself is an unimpressive document, woodenly written and lacking a clear statement of what the signers think should be done in the Clinton case (other than a platitudinous call for "national courage in deliberation that avoids ideological division" on the part of Congress and the country in the impeachment debates).
The dynamic Fang-Yi Sheu is the solitary figure surrounded by a gang of women who portray society's conformists; they move woodenly, with their arms crossed and feet planted widely, rejecting and castigating Sheu at every turn.
These final chapters are the closest to my own a priori interests, but they appear to be the furthest from Baumgartner's fields of expertise and are the most woodenly written.
26) In one (Mark), a jet fighter climbs the upper right corner while Lyndon Johnson speaks woodenly through a television screen in the lower right; on an arc between them a pole-vaulter seen from above is about to be flung into a zone of furious confusion and danger.
Furthermore, my analytical strategy was not to woodenly apply Lenin across time and place, but to use his observations as the basis for generating an ideal type -- a sociological abstraction employed as a heuristic device in empirical investigations.
Timesman Michael Specter doesn't woodenly describe the strategy memos of sundry campaign consultants; he creeps inside the heads of "the political henchmen, the minders and puppeteers who make their living by calling the Titanic the Love Boat.
Though the opening minutes might have benefitted from a second performer, as Mar somewhat woodenly relayed both sides of the two lovers' first dialogue, the performance worked surprisingly well when presented by a single actress, combining elements of theater and storytelling.
Dull, poorly written and woodenly acted, even the dancing barely excites.
His careful research makes clear that the Lochner era was not one in which a hopelessly reactionary Court in the service of the economic elite continually used woodenly formalistic reasoning to stymie needed social reform.