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Thankfully, Radcliffe's woodenness cannot wreck one of the film's best scenes - a sombre reunion with long-lost friends in The Forbidden Forest.
However admirable in its reach, it ultimately falls short as a novel: the narrative suffers from a certain woodenness, and the protagonist is schematic and uninteresting.
Shakespeare routinely conscripted the woodenness of the playhouse to perform the role of tree, woods, forest, orchard, and park.
While earlier efforts to render The Foundation Pit in English made perhaps too much sense of Platonov's classic, the new translation by Robert and Elizabeth Chandler with Olga Meerson, which was first published by the visionaries at New York Review Books, preserves all the ambiguities and woodenness of Platonov's Russian prose.
They spark off one another's woodenness, each jousting to deliver the most unconvincing line readings.
It's an unflattering perspective for an actor who usually likes to play the hard man and especially for one who must still be traumatised by his sheer woodenness in Shyamalan's The Happening and in this year's The Lovely Bones.
The fact that he can play all the shots helps him make up for his occasional woodenness on court.
And this is the first role in a long time in which Deschanel's been able to show off her acting skills - let's not even mention her woodenness in The Happening.
My chief criticism is the woodenness of the main actors.
Regarding the woodenness, it's to do with the Captain's hands which are of a sign-level language of demonstrativeness.
Spectators may be amused by the self-conscious woodenness of Madani's subjects as they pose, still-photograph fashion, then move uncertainly across the frame or towards the camera - not unlike B-movie monsters in the work of American schlock pioneer Ed Wood.