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Vase painting shows numerous scenes where there is little or no apparent difference in age between the young wooer and his object of courtship, as well as graphic scenes of sexual experimentation among youths.
The groomsman, the senior wooer, and the rest of the company, though they were all sons of the Roman Church, nevertheless with one voice began to compliment me, explaining that they could understand whatever I had to say; but they jeered at their own student, since he called on majors and minors to help him, though the subject had nothing to do with majors or captains, but with Christ, St.
The most common subject for discussion is love, particularly the torturous sufferings of the snubbed male wooer, but poems praising or criticizing women, lauding Royalism, friendship, and drink, are also common.
There was nothing to say it was Welsh, but it was, from the familiar Philip Madoc as the outrageous obese philanderer Falstaff to relative newcomer Morgan Rhys, who managed to make an impression even in the relatively small role of Fenton, the wooer of the sexy daughter of one of those Merry Wives.
According to MBh 3,277,32, Asvapati asks Savitri to find a husband "equal to herself" (sadrsam atmanah) as no wooer is forthcoming, but according to the SkandaPurana (7,166,16), Asvapathi says that however much he looks, he cannot find for his daughter a bridegroom who in worth is equal to himself (vicarayan na pasyami varam tulyam ihatmanah).
A romance in which Christ acts as the `lover-knight' is `one of the commonest allegories in medieval preaching books and manuals of instruction',(61) and we have already seen the notion of Christ as an anchoress's wooer in AElred's De institutione.
It is almost unbearable anyway to witness Marcel's progress from a starry-eyed wooer (before she loves him) to a sadistic slave-master (after she has fallen for him) so obsessed with fantasies of her betraying him, with men and women, that he makes her an abject captive in his parents' house.
He is a magnificent tenor in the midst of a grand career, and for this reason, one forgives his stiff acting and his inadequacy as a convincing warrior and ardent wooer.
The dragon, which anthropologist Chris Knight defines as paradoxical to the core worldwide--uniting in itself high and low, death and life, animal and human, water and fire, dark and light (8)--is certainly more than the bride's father as seen by her wooer.
Sterne's fickleness and insincerity in his personal relationships become cause to suspect his artistic achievements as well, presumably because the relationship between artist and audience is akin to that between wooer and wooed.
It is significant that with both Safeway and Kingfisher, Asda was the wooed, not the wooer.
Walter Gallichan, for example, began his argument for foreplay by analogizing sex to the theater, noting that "Man, the prime partner in passion, the valient [sic] wooer, the sole initiator, is accountable, in the great majority of cases, for the disastrous second act in the drama of love.