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He said that Allah Almighty had laid a huge responsibility on the PML-N, therefore, assembly members and wooers of PML-N should work round the clock for solving the problems of the people and raising their living standard.
The Newest Nation now is Able to Receive the Best Offers from all Wooers and to Avoid Exploitation
According to Dimovski, in the battle for proving himself a winner due to the innerparty objectives, Crvenkovski forgets that there are people in this country who have a better memory than his partisan wooers.
fall upon the wooers one and all, nor shall one of them escape death and
mutually exclusive" (81), and the literary language of the male wooers as self-defeating.
Stacey O'Dell, executive assistant at The Hanover Theatre, has been joining WOOers (Ms.
Pike Industries, the state's biggest stimulus vendor with some $30 million in approved stimulus paving contracts so far, estimated that it has added 50 full-time wooers in New Hampshire thanks to stimulus money, and has avoided letting go at least that many.
If a male barn swallow's plumage is more attractive than that of other males, his mate is less likely to have furtive flings with other wooers, new research suggests.
Both wooers of women and musicians, the bodiless Hermes doubles as the dissipated Pierrot, who dreams in a drunken sleep on the other side of the stage (xxiv-xxv).
Blinded by the light, our Wimbledon wooers appeared to ignore a few potential drawbacks that might surface - such as the club being relegated, which it duly was and indeed now appears set to drop even further into the bowels of the English League.
It is the old and the poor and the maimed who shrink from that brown hole; its wooers are the young, the passionate, and the gallant-hearted.