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More information on Word for Word is available on the program's Web site at http://www.
Rehearse the presentation, word for word, at least once.
YOU DON'T NEED to know the tales by Arnold Lobel exactly word for word to get a charge out of the musical ``A Year With Frog and Toad.
Sometimes only short sequences (the bright facade of a fairground booth, a toy set of human teeth) stand out from the surface, but an ornamental round-dance animates the whole so that the viewer almost automatically concentrates on smaller units and begins to read the flood of images like a text, word for word.
Combining motion picture excellence with word for word authenticity of one of the best-loved books of the Bible, The Gospel of John is "a handsome, well- made epic production, graced by stirring images and an authoritative cast which takes its cue from Cusick's (as Jesus) charismatic performance.
The WatchWORD Bible(R) presents the entire New Testament word for word as the first ever "Video Book.