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The addition of the word group to the new brand name draws attention to the high level of involvement that multiple senior advisors brings to each transaction.
Vocabulary charts or word lists can be very useful in helping students widen their passive and active vocabulary based on related word group areas.
This word group may be the velar variant of the FU origin *jakse 'kuhl, kalt; kalt werden' (cf.
The simple verbal word group (VWG) "chop" stylistically foregrounds how the Hutu Power militia "chop" people with machetes.
India will now have to beat South Korea in an away tie to grab a place in the Word Group playoffs in April.
As they identify each word group it is highlighted, and its meaning may be elaborated by defining new words, explaining new concepts, or discussing students' relevant experience.
founder and member of spoken word group Born 2B Poets, founder of the 8
Infants in the word group were told, for example, "Look at the toma
As mentioned before, Kruger (2006:41) states that "compounding is a process whereby two (or more) autonomous words, mostly members of a word group, are combined to form a compound".
This agent performs activities like splitting the query into individual words, spelling correction, domain dependent word grouping and attaching semantic properties to each word group.
begins by delineating the paratactic structure of the word group.
Any traditional grammar version, a body of knowledge including parts of speech and word group labels, prescriptive, and Latinate.