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All vowel contrasts which do not have a parallel in Spanish are merged; many consonants are also altered to match their Spanish counterparts; no weak forms are used in the appropriate contexts, thus yielding an unnatural rhythm; intonation and word group formation are over-emphatic and occasionally confusing.
Chinese systemicists examine the contribution of linguistics in China to the development of systemic functional linguistics, teaching and learning systemic functional linguistics in China, and research in specific areas in the field: graphology and phonology, lexis, word group, clause and clause complex, text, typology, semiotics, multimodality, stylistics, translation, teaching, lexicography, and register variation.
It was a Living Word Group that my wife and I had helped pull together, soon after our Catholic Christian renewal had inflamed us with the drive to share the joy of God's love with the less privileged in our community.
That is the message that we wanted to convey with the word group in the name.
The lexical interference results indicate that the learners not only transfer Turkish meaning into English directly but also match an irrelevant target word with an irrelevant word group, as they cannot recall the standard use of English in the course of speaking.
However, after reading "the Princess," the reader likely would shift to the word group beginning just below and to the left--"He is / the Emperor / of/ distance"--rather than following the rivers down to the rest of the text in "the Princess" group.
Vocabulary charts or word lists can be very useful in helping students widen their passive and active vocabulary based on related word group areas.
Finally, students in the self- selected word group appeared to have a deeper level of understanding of vocabulary meaning as measured on a vocabulary assessment portion of a standardized test (Hannon, et al.
This word group may be the velar variant of the FU origin *jakse 'kuhl, kalt; kalt werden' (cf.
India will now have to beat South Korea in an away tie to grab a place in the Word Group playoffs in April.
Discuss the patterning of the colours and the purpose of each word group.