word of explanation

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Nor is it necessary: for, before a syllable occurred to him, Dolly Varden came running into the room, in tears, threw herself on Joe's breast without a word of explanation, and clasped her white arms round his neck.
Without a word of explanation he turned to the left, down one of the side streets leading to the river.
You cannot break with him without a word of explanation.
Not a word of explanation, not a sorry about the delay in responding, not a saucisse gendarme.
She left the house with her son the next morning without a word of explanation - and that weird grey lion and the mischievous monkey were seen no more.
Four players entered and without a word of explanation began to play Verdi's String Quartet in E minor.
People have good reason to question the plain common sense of a public service that can do things like this without a word of explanation to the residents, who are the ones being left in the dark.
By the time the train wheezed into Slawit a mere hour late - and without a word of explanation over the tannoy - I had my answer.
Roman Abramovich is the most famous example of this at Chelsea, making decrees from up high without so much as a word of explanation.
MGM's biggest money-maker had vanished without a word of explanation.
There still hasn't been a word of explanation as to why Sean Boylan resigned as director of football.