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When discussing the use of word pictures, he delves into the thoughts of Hemingway and the techniques of Fitzgerald.
There are word pictures in the Hebrew Scriptures: "my people" and "house of Israel.
There are more kinds of soil than there are hamburger chains and more kinds of word pictures than grains of sand at Coney Island.
It is written in stone on one of Moses' tablets, in the fine print on the bottom, that we, as writers, are supposed to use feelings and senses to paint word pictures.
A master of descriptive language she paints word pictures of .
Stovall's remarkable word pictures and descriptions stimulate emotional involvement.
30, 2010 /PRNewswire/ -- According to the publisher of Dialogue Concerning the Two Chief Approaches to a Science of Life: Word Pictures versus Working Models, while psychology is thought of as a "soft" science, now it has as solid a basis as physics and chemistry.
Interspersed throughout is the earthquake itself, with word pictures that have the feel of eyewitness accounts, as indeed some of them are.
There have been so many highlights - working with John Arlott, who was easily the best painter of word pictures cricket has ever known, and the humour of Brian Johnston.
Similarly, Etter writes, "These poems [in Well You Needn't] are not my attempt to put words to the jazz compositions of Thelonious Monk, but are merely word pictures created while listening to his intoxicating music" (3).
Seasonal music effectively links these vintage vignettes, and Kuralt's vivid word pictures segue smoothly from the small screen to the mind's eye.
Smarto's writing is packed with awe inspiring word pictures, incredibly enhanced by color photos taken from twelve major cities within fifteen different countries which include: flowers from the rain forests of New Zealand and animals from jungles of Africa.