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As parents gained greater expertise in the word processing production arena, they also felt increasingly empowered to make content and theme decisions.
I used it at work for modeling business plans on Lotus 123, and for word processing.
In 2012 AMLAW 100 firms began to focus more attention on improving support staff efficiency with word processing clearly one of their initial targets," said Catherine Massey, co-founder and chairman.
A feature of many word processing programs is a dictionary and/or thesaurus.
Most include a variety of applications, including spreadsheets, word processing, databases and presentation programs.
While many spreadsheet programs have come a long way in their ability to present reports and memos, they usually d have the word processing power to produce anything more complex than simple reports.
In addition, the program offers full-featured word processing including: spelling checker with over 100,000 words; thesaurus with over 600,000 words; headers and footers; footnotes and endnotes; automatic save; word count option; import and export of ASCII and RTF files; and import of files from The Children's Writing & Publishing Center.
DeVon Sumbrennan, technical communicator for Valtek Incorporated in Springville, Utah, uses a PC with an 80-megabyte hard drive for word processing and desktop publishing.
Legal is a closely knit community, so having this highly respected firm commend our legal word processing skills is significant.
If you're tired of scrolling side to side to see spreadsheets or word processing documents on notebook PCs, the WideNote may be the answer.
It also is allegedly faster than printing and more personal and attractive than word processing, teachers and handwriting experts say.
Specific advanced word processing features include macros, an integrated thesaurus and interactive grammar and spell checking.