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WORDINESS has been in tremendous form since the turn of the year and has an excellent opportunity to bag a fourth consecutive victory at Lingfield.
Muller argues that this stylistic difference, including shifts in length, wordiness, reflective quality, and theme, indicates EH's artistic growth and response to the times.
However, the wordiness does demand close attention to keep up with the different threads and understand how they finally weave together.
For many students, who often complain about having to read even nineteenth-century English novels because of the wordiness of the writing style, the passage is more problematic, more challenging.
casual tone; use of stylistic devices such as paradox, metaphor, parallelism, ambiguity, irony; sentence variation, sentence length, and complexity of sentence structure; grammar and syntax; verb tense; wordiness, redundancy, and economy of expression; word choice and use of phrases; denotative and connotative meaning of words; the use of jargon and colloquial expressions; use of active vs.
Of note is the fact that the two editors' contributions are compromised by mechanical errors, wordiness, and constructions at times so awkward as to be difficult to follow.
The wordiness demands close attention to keep up with the different threads and understand how they finally weave together.
As a reader, when I become conscious that some of the text required rewriting for clarity, wordiness, and syntax, I struggle to focus on the content.
Even in its repetitiousness, wordiness, and overanalysis of motive, it is a commanding performance by a young man of 25 whose gifts are impressive and whose failures are a matter of reach rather than grasp.
And yet in their own writing, many of them can't seem to break away from jargon, wordiness and evasive, inflated language.
Whilst the sparser pages, where the story is told mainly through the images, are charming, the wordiness and clutter of many others suggest that those reading this to small children should judiciously 'prune' the written text.
If the previous film was a touch heavy on the dialogue, Part 2 eschews wordiness in favour of action set-pieces, making it perhaps the series' most exciting instalment.