work side by side with

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Schloss and Joachim are just the kind of guys you want to work side by side with both over the marinade-crusted grates or ink-stained desk.
At The Professional Project, an exclusive summer workshop, young professionals work side by side with career dancers and choreographers.
Work side by side with Abalimi Bezekhaya (The People Who Plant), an environmental development group based in some of the region's poorer townships
We are honored to be able to work side by side with NAIC's real estate group in this new alliance.
One of the best learning experiences for youth is to work side by side with adults, she said, noting it shakes up the conversation a bit and teaches both age groups something they didn't know before.
Starting with the personal computer, the author describes representative peripherals successful in reducing barriers to people with disabilities in public institutions, draws on the universal mainstream technology, and tells how to mate it with adaptive technology to allow the user with disabilities to work side by side with the nondisabled user.
We are excited about the opportunity to work side by side with the talented professionals at Francisco Partners and the management team at WatchGuard to solidify and build upon its early leadership in the security appliance industry.
Barbre will direct the administrative, marketing and fundraising activities of the Company and will work side by side with NBT Artistic Director Bruce Steivel.
We work side by side with dealership staff members to ensure success and achieve maximum buy-in," said Peter Daniel, CEO of ADC.
They will work side by side with instructors and medical professionals.
Dearmin concluded, "We at Ionatron feel privileged to be able to work side by side with our military forces and offer a potential solution for the number one problem facing our troops in Iraq today.
US Marine Corps units have been using our bag in combat for approximately four months and we have received very positive reports from Navy Corpsmen who work side by side with US Marines providing combat medical aid," commented Colonel Jeffrey Powers.