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Those who remain unconvinced that broadband Internet service is workably competitive and instead believe that substantial market power exists will continue to be concerned that companies will use that power to implement pricing practices that will harm consumers.
151) Under the ACCC's recommended approach, PoIs would be 'established in all locations where transmission services are workably competitive and it is technically and operationally feasible' to do so.
The example that comes to my mind is Cormac McCarthy's 'Borders' trilogy, where many conversations, in books ostensibly written for an Anglo audience, are transcribed in Mexican Spanish: but the curious result of this is not to present the Other (in which case the words would remain uninterpreted) but in a peculiar move to remind the reader of common Latin roots and to render the words, if not perfectly, at least as workably transparent.
Despite the fact that sawlog markets appear to be workably competitive, it is possible that the study was executed at a time when the mills most affected by land use trends in urbanizing areas had already closed, while the remaining firms were reaping the benefits of consolidation, possibly in the form of higher demand for their products and less competition for sawlogs.
Speaking on the topic "Efficiency Consequences of Rate Regulation in Insurance Markets" at a conference last year, Tennyson cited a large body of scholarly research to support the conclusion that "insurance markets function in a workably competitive manner in the absence of rate regulation.
wholesale market does not appear workably competitive .
The problem is solvable; if not perfectly, then at least workably, so long as courts are willing to acknowledge their limited competency to craft procedural rules through the common law adjudication process and defer to a more institutionally competent body for that limited purpose.
However, information about coordination would receive deference, which would most workably take the form of a "factor" in a multi-factor test.
However, many markets are said to be workably competitive.
Despite only providing a glimpse into the speaker's personality, system of values, and significant concerns and desires, the "Pre-scientific Method's" approaches and methods applied to the Subjective Sciences can be workably modified for studying offensive language.
Or, if there is, it is only in the very general and shallow sense of the interest of everybody to live in a workably peaceful society with as many economic opportunities as possible.
The CRTC has indicated that the interests of users are protected when markets are workably competitive but that workable competition does not exist if a dominant firm has substantial market power as demonstrated by its ability to set prices above competitive levels for a sustained period of time.