working ability

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1-16 Call for Proposals" Food Aid to Socially Reduced Working Ability and Extremely Low Income Older For persons ".
I'd say the one big issue with the breed at the moment is breeding Airedales for their hunting and working ability in sufficient numbers to maintain a breeding pool from which to draw in addition to adhering to the breed standard.
Your working ability and your ability to concentrate are affected by the drug.
When it comes to registered unemployment, having increased for about half a year in 2015 (due to the Work Ability Reform launched in 2016 that aims to bring those with decreased working ability bark to the labour market), registered unemployment fell at the start of 2016 in quarterly comparison.
It is difficult to estimate individual working ability based on qualities, so as well for whole department.
Improved collaborative working ability The growing trend for a mobile workforce and increased globalisation mean that working remotely and across different time zones is becoming the norm.
Almost every German Shepherd police dog on the streets of the West Midlands can be traced back to these - and the reason why our dogs possess amazing working ability, sociability and have very few health issues.
Out of the 10,000 professionals who were included in the survey, 85% said they drink at least three cups of coffee a day, and nearly 70 per cent admitted that their working ability would be affected without a daily mug of coffee.
Horns in bullock is an important organ in regard to its working ability for carting and beautiful looks.
The core symptoms of mental disorders affect a person's emotional, cognitive and social functioning, which can impact on working ability.
With respect to governing Pakistan , Musharraf said that Pakistan has great potential; a leader governing the country should have honesty, transparency and hard working ability to run the country.
57 'Quality of production' is presented below WORKING ABILITY Principles and concepts of an ahead complex 3rd level innovation with regard to uniqueness of the PhD.