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WORKING DAYS. In settling laydays, (q.v.) or days of demurrage, (q.v.) sometimes the contract specifies working days in the computation, Sundays and custom-house holidays are excluded. 1 Bell's Com. 577, 5th ed.

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Many would argue that the time has come to review the current eight-hour working day and to assess this in terms of the current work-life balance that employees now have to adopt.
It's not just frivolous activities that get us through the working day.
The company is currently marketing batteries to extend the run-time of notebook and pen-based computers to continuous, full working day operation on a single charge.
Cotton bags with UN Design & manufacturing of tailored cotton bags with color UN Women Design: 200 pC women andSDGs and SDGs logos: 3 working days material: cotton 100% Production:Size: 480mm x 320mm x 100mm 10 working days Linen density; minimum 60 gf m.
Get 40 free spins on the thrilling Starburst game, 10 per day for the working days following your rst deposit.
Throughout 2014, 31,900 days were lost to labour disputes in the region at a rate of 13 working days out of every 1,000 employees.
Marks Valid: 5 working days (non-permanent surface), 10 working days (permanent surface)
The highest rate of working days lost last year were in London and the North East, both with 14 days per 1,000 employees, with the lowest in Northern Ireland, at just one day lost per 1,000 workers.
Under the current setup, the Kingdom's official working days are from Saturday to Wednesday, while that of other Gulf states are from Sunday to Thursday and the international working days are from Monday to Friday.
It adds up to over 100 million lost working days every year for the more than 18 million workers who commute by car, according to a new study by Continental Tyres.
The Payments Council said there were only five working days between April 20 and May 2, meaning that a cheque that was paid into an account on Wednesday April 20 may not have fully cleared until Wednesday May 4.
With this amendment to the principal regulation, the maximum time period for porting would become seven working days except in Jammu & Kashmir, Assam and North East licenced service areas, wherein it would be 15 working days.