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The term 'flat field' refers to a range of aids where the lens is placed directly onto the reading material or object in view and the image created has the same field of view regardless of the eye-lens working distance.
The optimal polarized-light microscope system includes a strong light source, a Bertrand lens, proper working distance objectives, and polarizer/analyzer.
Herewith IR illuminator is activated synchronously with the camera Day/Night switching, ensuring 60 m of working distance.
Smart phones "may present a variety of visual demands that are significantly different in terms of working distances, gaze angle, and text sizes," said Rosenfield.
No matter whether PV or pseudo-NV was used during electrospinning, it was found that the average fiber diameter generally increased with the solution concentration and needle ID but decreased with increasing working distance.
Previous experiments, optimal working distance of 1 mm is obtained.
The Series offers built-in lighting, variable working distance, and high-speed inspection capability at rates faster than 6000 parts per minute.
It offers variable working distance capability, so given its size and that capability, it can be easily integrated into production operations.
16 cm), four times the working distance that the older MPT had.
By integrating new glass, coatings, and design parameters, Leica's M520 OptiChrome technology delivers the extra working distance, depth of focus, and light intensity needed.
Common fluorescent detection systems utilize excitation light that arrives at the face of a DNA chip at an angle, which requires a greater working distance.
They must be customized to your specific working distance.