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I was expecting a sort of Johnny Knoxville of literary sex before I read Working Stiff.
So I've devised an after-work hunting plan that should work -- with appropriate modifications -- for all of you working stiffs.
This is just a case about a couple of unlicensed guns owned by a working stiff.
Depending on the historical circumstances, a body in a fancy casket topped by a monumental headstone is as likely to have been a working stiff as a nobleman.
Cabbies are willing to quiz bankers here, asking why any working stiff would vote Republican.
Or perhaps I'm just an old cheapskate who is old enough to remember when guns were affordable, even for the common working stiff or retiree.
There isn't anyone but the working stiff, those of us who produce goods and services.
John Caparulo comes off as a working stiff from Ohio, complaining about his problems with women.
Sexist Ricky Hatton, England's poster-boy working stiff, told one British publication he was so upset about losing his WBC welterweight crowd to Floyd Mayweather Jr.
Young or old, clad in the cheap windbreakers of the working stiff or the hoodies of the wannabe gangster, they display a nervous indolence that suggests stress, underemployment, the volatile boredom of the demobilized.
Farrell strikes a fatalistic tone: "For the working stiff and the single mother and seniors on fixed incomes with no health insurance, the rules just got a lot tougher and the world just became a much meaner place.
Whether you're well-heeled, or a working stiff with limited funds, there are enduring reasons for "going guided.