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At one point in Working Stiff, he likens his chest to two aspirins on an ironing board.
Whether you're well-heeled, or a working stiff with limited funds, there are enduring reasons for "going guided.
com, says, "While the average working stiff may revolve between $6,000 and $7,000 each month, the nation is bloated with credit card high-rollers who carry five-figure balances.
The Measure of a Man" contemplates the extent to which an ordinary working stiff will compromise his integrity in the name of making ends meet.
It was a place a working stiff could go for a decent meal, the place a guy could take a date for some live music and dancing.
Yet even when he was a working stiff in corporate America, McNealy moonlighted as an entrepreneur.
Modern TV shows, like The Shield, reflect the real world, where police are as flawed as every other working stiff.
He was a good guy; a regular working stiff who did an extraordinary thing and suffered horrifically for it.
But that was an essential element in the offense: To be guilty of aggravated treason, you have to be a leader, not just a working stiff.
Opposing both socialism and nationalism for the lofty reason that they would wreak havoc upon the average working stiff would be a pretty good place to start.
All this, of course, is mere prelude to the first sexual collision between Bridget and Mike (Peter Berg), a small-town, white-collar working stiff who is ultimately little more than a rabbit caught in Bridget's headlights.