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Carnegie libraries, a widespread democratizing force in the early twentieth century, were dedicated with the hope "that the masses of workingmen and women .
Rather, she notes that cultural concepts of manhood have always been based on care-taking, social responsibility, and productivity--values she sees embodied in the workingmen of a glorified industrial past, like the rugged steel factory foreman in the 1946 photo on the cover of Stiffed.
Granted, what workingmen did in the shops and factories, what they talked about, how they related to one another and to the bosses are important elements in the history of the class.
Shortly after his release, he wrote: "To the unified hosts of American workingmen Fate has committed the charge of rescuing American Liberties from the grasp of the vandal horde that have placed them in peril.
San Francisco's workingmen were organized, except for unskilled laborers, and they were involved in local politics and generally unified.
His Address to the Workingmen of New England (1832) apparently helped bring about passage of a child labor law in Massachusetts (1842).
The workingmen and -women of Los Angeles have had no greater champion than Miguel Contreras,'' Hahn said in a statement.
Political historians are currently debating whether the white workingmen in San Francisco who first proposed excluding the Chinese did so out of gut-level racism or because they objected to contract labor, but Lee wisely shifts this discussion to new ground.
A poem called "The Eastland" includes strong images of the sufferings of workingmen in industrial Chicago.
Farley was a pioneer in the idea that workingmen and workingwomen are entitled to culture as well as better wages and living conditions.
He's celebrating the workingmen and -women of America, that's what he's doing.