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For close to ten years now, that ambient phenomenon known as the art world has been hit by what amounts to an identity crisis, more often than not figured under the sign of globalization.
The WTCA and hundreds of its members from across the globe, will meet in Sofia, Bulgaria on April 14-17 for its annual Spring Meeting to discuss the role of World Trade Centers in the global marketplace.
Officials from several foreign governments and international agencies already have accepted invitations to participate in the 2001 World Congress.
In the book Reggae Island by Brian Jahn and Tom Weber, the issue of reggae's specific music growth is addressed and by extension, so is the spread of world fusion.
God came first: God made the world to be a house for us to live in, and then made us with minds like God's, so that we would know how to live in it.
It should be stated at the outset that these authors do not think that lives lived in a small world are unimportant lives.
In The Sorcerer's Apprentice, Bishop George Berkeley's metaphysics guides Johnson's thematics, for in Berkeley's philosophy, Johnson discovers his ally against what he envisions as a reductionist world view.
What I would argue is that we're heading for regionalization, a breaking up of the world economy into blocs.
Attendees will be exposed to a variety of virtual worlds platforms including Second Life, There.
Table 8: World Coatings Market by Geographic Region - US,
C - The eight-nation FIFA CONFEDERATIONS CUP, played a year ago in five German locales, provided organizers a run-through to the World Cup - and fans a glimpse of what might be.
But the economist in him was fascinated by the bustling trade in virtual items (swords, armor, and the like) that took place in Everquest's fantasy world of Norrath--and then spilled over, at least to a limited extent, into the real world, with instances of Norrathian weaponry and other virtual goods up for sale in U.