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By minding the role of regret we come to make our economics worldlier, more relevant, and more robust.
He is worldlier than the other artisans, and travels frequently to the U.
sharper, worldlier, and definitely more cruel in their intolerance.
She is clearly worldlier than Masetto--and she knows it--but it's impossible to decide whether she manipulates Masetto in the end or simply copes as best she can with the unexpected and complex social circumstance of attention from someone far above her station.
But Christians and non-Christians alike should take note for worldlier reasons as well.
She was worldlier by then and would say: "The Far Eastern girl from your pottery class seems very nice.
They are also known as the '60s Generation and are seen as worldlier, more traveled and less doctrinaire than any previous Chinese generation.
20) By contrast, Pierre Janelle, author of the 1963 study The Catholic Reformation, devoted a chapter to art and music in which he expressly lamented how, in the course of the seventeenth-century, "restraint and severity"--the proper characteristics of Catholic art--were supplanted by "a worldlier character," and the early simplicity of Tridentine art was lost beneath baroque "overornamentation.