worldly belongings

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The house where I left all my worldly belongings has since undergone many radical changes as well as change in ownership.
With 1940s styling, it tells the story of bickering orphans Beth and Roy who have no home and travel aimlessly from place-to-place pushing all their worldly belongings in an old pram.
Their only props are four chairs and a black bin bag, which symbolises the bag Jonny was once presented with, containing all his worldly belongings.
However, what is it really like to pack all your worldly belongings and move to the land of theme parks and sweltering heat?
The depth and extent of human and material loss and suffering was colossal, and so should be the effort to bring comfort and compassion to children who lost their parents and parents who lost their children and worldly belongings.
Closer inspection of his fully MOTed Ford Sierra estate and the sum total of his worldly belongings piled inside reveals a regimental beret which a source close to him attributed to 'a period of active service in the early 1980s'.
And this week Mrs Anderson received a letter offering her pounds 500 compensation for the destruction of all her worldly belongings.
He stood outside the Valencia Kmart store on a frigid evening last week - most of his worldly belongings next to him in a trash bag.
We already know we're not going to be able to complete on our purchase by the cut off date, so we're resigned to the fact that we're going to incur the costs of kennels for our four dogs and storage of our worldly belongings until we can move in.
Besides carrying all their worldly belongings, they also carry something called a 'tiffin', which is like a leggo version of a lunch box.
I now know what it must feel like to be part of a travelling circus, packing up the worldly belongings, trundling into town, performing in front of the crowds, and then loading everything back on board and trekking off to the next venue.