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If an economy produces enough to give everyone a decent life, does having more worldly goods compare to the sharing of the wealth that we have?
But we all know that even the most loving relationships go to the wall, therefore perhaps preventing your former beloved walking off with a chunk of what were your worldly goods would remove insult from injury.
This 3 Series may be capable of transporting your worldly goods, but it's no sluggish, load-lugger.
Also, how many people do you see grabbing 40 winks on the streets surrounded by their family, cattle and all other worldly goods when you drive through a UK city centre?
Hope could be used as a form of desire and Buddhist should not have desires for worldly goods.
People had little in terms of worldly goods but there was a very strong sense of community.
worldly goods such as money and fame, but still he felt empty inside and
DURING Lent, we're reminded that Jesus went into the desert for 40 days, where He was tempted to turn stones into bread; to prove how great He was, and where He was tempted with worldly goods.
This is what makes our mission so special: We bring the aid to the homeless, so they don't have to travel long distances carrying all their worldly goods (or leaving them unguarded).
Last month, the Chronicle reported how pensioner Joan Burns donated all her worldly goods to Jonny Kennedy North East - a cause that touched the hearts of people across the North East.
Most certainly my generation did not have worldly goods as we struggled through the depression.
He spends the rest of his life like a celebrity with an abundance of worldly goods.