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Look after you removals team When you are moving house, you are putting all your worldly possessions in the hands of your removals men, so it pays to take care of them.
First securing the new property deal, followed by the reality of having to up-root and transport your worldly possessions across town.
People seeking new lives had to raise the fare, plan the journey, pack up all their worldly possessions then set off into the unknown.
Soon they'll be thinking about outfitting an entire dorm room, cramming all of their worldly possessions into a fuel-efficient hybrid and then fitting them into a room the size of a closet.
Police then confiscated the buggy and emptied the trash bags containing the man's worldly possessions.
But two months after packing their worldly possessions into 47 boxes, the couple were still waiting for their goods to arrive.
But a friend who worked for a crane company picked the boat off the muddy sea bottom and we spent a month throwing out dead fish and all our worldly possessions which were destroyed.
Girls and young women arrive at her flat by taxi, carrying all their worldly possessions in suitcases and bin bags.
My entire worldly possessions are in boxes on the floor of my teenage bedroom in my mother's home.
During this battle, Luisa allegedly discovered that her home had been invaded, her house and phone lines had been tapped, her business clients had been harassed, and she suffered the theft of most of her worldly possessions - all arranged by insurance carriers and defense attorneys, with the apparent assistance of the doctors who treated her.
You would think that he might at least have put his worldly possessions somewhere safe, but no.
Anyway, one afternoon back in the late-1960s, a woman was stood outside her front door surrounded by her worldly possessions, all neatly packed into boxes and suitcases.