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Her training will begin with her having to let go of all her worldly possessions and forget her previous identity.
From how transformation works to connect newfound values and love to finding joy in something other than accumulating worldly possessions, When Love Speaks is all about finding, recognizing, and using the joys and opportunities inherent in daily life experiences and perhaps this is the book's greatest strength.
Sometimes it has been timber for building stage sets, sometimes furniture for cash-in-hand removal jobs, sometimes guitars, amplifiers and drum kits, sometimes boxes of records, sometimes all the worldly possessions of one of my children when they leave home to go to college, sometimes all my worldly possessions as another long-term relationship crumbles.
This does not mean that by doing so he should abandon all his worldly possessions.
It is not a story on someone's life achievement, or an account of what a few rich and famous people did, say or believe; it is neither a tale of getting or losing worldly possessions.
It involves burning your worldly possessions to keep yourself warm.
The official refuge is already full of dispossessed citizens, so a huddle of prostitutes from the local brothel bullies its way into the Cathedral, led by the intrepid Mo (Ni), who takes the lead in tossing her worldly possessions over the wall and scrambling in pursuit, followed by the rest of the girls in their finery, high heels, immaculate make-up and concrete perma-waves.
They'll learn that their spirit and desire for the truth are more valuable than any worldly possessions they might have inherited.
He was tempted by food, after fasting for 40 days; he was tempted with worldly possessions, and he was tempted to show his greatness.
There is so much competition when it comes to home insurance providers on the market today, so use a price comparison website to ensure that you get a great deal and get your worldly possessions insured, no matter how unusual they are.
Now, although I have no particular axe to grind with Fred Done, and I lay the blame for this situation firmly at the door of the government, I'm having similar worries of someone making off with racing's worldly possessions.
She said that under the great sage Udaka Ramaputta he had learnt high levels of meditative consciousness but with Kaundinya, he progressed towards greater austerity to find enlightenment through derivation and asceticism for all worldly possessions and through self mortification and starvation where upon he lived on either a beetle nut or leaf daily.