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Her will provides that her worldly wealth goes to a sports foundation.
He gave up his worldly wealth and sought the three spiritual jewels of Jainism, called right faith, right knowledge, and right conduct.
Phil has learned that worldly wealth comes and goes.
When Narendra Modi has acquired all worldly wealth, he should also look after Jashodaben.
He said he has his worldly wealth in that wallet and after crawling around in the snow he was badly chilled.
This often misquoted verse doesn't condemn worldly wealth but cautions against devoting yourself to it.
Romans, Anglo Saxons, Vikings all came tramping through the Huddersfield area and during the turbulent times of the Wars of the Roses, Scottish invasions and the Civil War, local people may well have buried their worldly wealth and never got the chance to go back and collect it.
By the end of the 1980s, a large fraction of the Born Again had switched allegiance to a second wave of churches and fellowships that teach a so-called prosperity gospel, a reaction to the legalism and anti-social attitudes of the Deeper Life and associated groups marked by a partial shift in emphasis from personal holiness to worldly wealth and health.
I remember a day nearly 50 years ago when my husband and I joined other seminary students marching up to 125th Street in New York--after taking our worldly wealth ($100) from The First National City Bank downtownto deposit in an African-American bank in Harlem.