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According to Used Car Buyer magazine, not only are high milers often better maintained, but they also offer the worldly-wise buyer savings of up to pounds 2000 on models like a Ford Focus.
In this world of sceptical, literate, interconnected worldly-wise consumers who care, even obliquely, about rights and responsibilities, who can check prices and join global boycotts at the touch of a Google button--there is no place for Big Food to hide," he said.
Compare this to the much less idealistic, but worldly-wise and technologically experienced picture that Hall paints of the contemporary city and the role of education within it.
Eudora Welty's worldly-wise fictions, for instance, were drawn almost entirely from her hometown, Jackson, Mississippi.
Special mention must go to the performances of Warner as the uneducated but worldly-wise district nurse Mrs.
I'd have preferred a little more weight for the Countess, who sounds scarcely more mature than her servant, though rather more worldly-wise.
Peter Clohessy and Ireland captain Keith Wood are too worldly-wise to come unstuck against their mediocre Italian counterparts in the front row.
Hadda repeatedly stresses the metamorphosis that Singer underwent from his early years as Yitskhok Bashevis, "the worldly-wise and sharp-witted gadfly" (140), who borrowed his mother's name to distance himself from his conservative father and successful elder brother Israel Joshua, to Isaac Bashevis Singer, the (supposedly) nostalgic celebrator of pious yidishkayt and the lost world of the shtetl.
Elegantly robed in a sumptuous Viennese fin-de-siecle dress, she portrayed a worldly-wise woman of distinction, who had ascended to the peaks of life and also plunged to its nadir.
A contemporary music track accompanies a worldly-wise female voice-over who narrates: "From the day they're born, they're trouble .
So acute is the division between the innocent religious belief of not so long ago and the cutting-edge, worldly-wise secularism now presented in the popular media (most ardently in TV ads, which show us, with all the accumulated technology and wisdom of the world to date, what we seem most of want to be) that some speculate that "human nature has changed in the modern era.
I understand that today's 16s are more worldly-wise than when I last swung a hockey stick, but isn't acupboard assignation pretty self-explanatory?