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Abrasion wear took place in the as-cast worn surfaces at 10N and 0.
Dye: "Some performance apparel is designed for team specific activities--to be worn under the uniform offering compression, moisture management, etc.
On the one hand, the fiery, skintight leotard worn by (Rosie Perez acting as) "Tina" in the film's grinding opening sequence points to an overtly physical confidence, and the "Bed-Stuy: Do or Die" tee-shirt that affirms Radio Raheem's devotion to his 'hood evokes brazen pride in place.
Operators noticed that substantial amounts of metal particles were collecting at the screen pack, so they pulled the screw and saw it was severely worn.
The overall A shaped garment is worn with a local wool taqiya on the head (a hat similar to a fez).
check] Ejector Sleeves: damaged, worn, loose, correct setting, loose nuts.
PPS and PTFE were worn against steel for purposes of observing their tribological behavior.
After all, other than law enforcement, what occupation routinely requires body armor to be worn in the normal course of a work day?
Associated most frequently in a number of studies with soft contact lenses -- especially extended-wear varieties, which can be worn overnight -- this corneal disease can result in permanent loss of vision.
Pin-boss damage is a combination of worn rollers and worn track links.
In internal mixers, the wear that occurs on the metal surfaces is often tracked from year to year as metal is worn off by the mixing of rubber.