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Don't look so frightened," he said in a worried voice.
All the same, we worried Larsan or Ballmeyer without our knowing it.
YOU don't seem ter sense what it means ter have Miss Polly WORRIED about ye, child
Why, it means worried--and worried is horrid--to feel," maintained Pollyanna.
The Very Worried Sparrow" is a children's classic story of one sparrow's lonely fear and anxiety, finally healed by a growing awareness of the surrounding love of the Great Father.
com, the most popular legal information website, 76 percent of parents are either extremely worried, very worried or somewhat worried about their children's online safety.
CURRENT MOOD ABOUT THE ABBOTT GOVERNMENT POLICIES Wanting a change of govt ASAP 37 Disappointed 22 Worried and anxious 20 Angry 10 Don't care/Indifferent 4 Enthusiastic about govt agenda 4 Happy and relaxed 2 Note: Table made from bar graph.
And the 73% worried about it is notable because not all parents likely expect their child to attend college, although many more parents may hope or expect their child to go to college than actually will.
Sometimes, we think of our bitter experiences and feel worried about the same.
Worriers often become concerned and anxious unnecessarily and begin to procrastinate when dealing with something that they are worried about, Dr John said.
Q When our children were very small I worried about all the usual things, like development and illnesses, but I now realise how easy that is in a way because you're still in charge and able to look after them.
All individuals with these styles worried to the same extent and extreme, but manifested those worries in different ways," said Przeworski.