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audience by shying away from matters blatantly and disturbingly sexual (I can't even count the number of times some interviewer worriedly asked me "what my parents thought" of something I had written, and the mere thought of you gave me the strength to reply, "Honestly, I don't fucking care"); eager to expose the dark, unflattering side of being a woman, particularly a Jewish woman.
When she was awoken shortly before the descent on the flight two weeks ago, she spotted her catsuit was not there and worriedly reported it missing.
Worriedly I phoned to check that everything was OK in the Welsh capital.
Michael, who is originally from Middlesbrough, lives several miles away from the centre of the troubles, but he has been worriedly watching the situation unfold on Bahrain state TV.
While others worriedly stare at his declining peripheral numbers and await his departure following this season.
I hope people will love it and not leave feeling like they have been battered over the head," he says worriedly.
When I told them it was 14ft they just looked at each quite worriedly.
When I was photographing the lights for reference photos, people would come out of their houses and ask, worriedly, if my presence there indicated that the city was planning to remove the lights.
She looks at you worriedly before resuming her surveillance of the door marked with the words Family Planning.
Suddenly a woman from the house next door worriedly said that all of us should lock our doors properly.
Halgurd Mullah Muhammed is a member of Erbil FC who is training with his team and preparing for the Iraqi league while worriedly hoping for AFC Cup participation.
The cover, with its mutt worriedly glancing at the gun pointed at its head, has itself been lampooned many times.